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FLOWINN is a professional electric actuator manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales.  With clients including world’s Fortune 500 brand companies, valve manufacturer, various distributors and projects. Over the last decade our products are sold worldwide including Asia, Australia, Europe and America .


Complying to international standards, our products can match various type of butterfly valves, ball valves and other part turn or multi turn valves. Our products are widely apply to waste water treatment, HVAC, oil & gas, electronic, light industry, food processing, pharmacutical processing, textile processing, papermill, hydro-electricity, ship building, alchemy and new energy etc.


FLOWINN’s managements are in comply with ISO9001、

ISO14001、OHSAS18001 standards. Products are certified with various international safety standards including CE、CSA、ATEX、IECEx、IP68、RoHS、REACH etc. by institutions such as TUV、NEPSI、DNV、SGS、BSI. We also hold more than 50 product patents internationally.


Quarter turn

Quarter turn actuator is also known as part turn actuator. It is used to control the opening and closing of valves such as ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves and louver etc.   According to the engineering situation and valve torque requirements, there are different type of selection and configurations.


Multi turn

Multi turn actuator outputs rotary torque.   In comparison to quarter turn models, multi turn's output shaft rotates more than 360 degrees or more.   They are usually applied with gate valves and globe valves.  


Spring return

The spring return electric actuator can apply to situation such as safe position returning in the case of power failure.  It is particularily suitable for 90° rotation butterfly valves, ball valves and plug valves.   It is the best choice for emergency operation after power failure. 


Linear electric actuator's output force is generated by thrust motion to open or close the valve.    Linear actuator is usually use with single-seat regulating valve and two seat regulating valve etc. 

Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are important basic energy source. Their selection and distribution require  complex processes. There are potential hazards in such process and system flow, so there are very strict regulations and standards for the control of the entire process.


The electric actuators manufactured by FLOWINN have been tested in obtaining ISO9001 quality control system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and various explosion-proof certifications, etc.   Our products can apply to the oil and gas processing such as tank area, platform, pipeline, refining and pump stations, etc.


Water Processing

Water processing projects are important to infrastructure and civil engineering.  

FLOWINN actuators are widely used in the construction of water conservancy systems. The actuators  can be customized to suit the needs of different types of valves and  and situation.

The anti-corrosion and moisture-proof measures of FLOWINN actuators ensure long service life and low maintenance cost.


Projects application include: sewage treatment, water treatment, drinking water distribution, sewage discharge, seawater discharge and water system construction.

Power Plant

Power plants ( nuclear power plant, wind power plan, solar power plant etc.) convert primary energy ( such as water, steam, diesel, gas) into electrical energy.   This conversion process involves multiple systems such as water and steam circuit, exhaust gas purification, cooling tower, etc.   The working environment requires that the control process can be monitored in the control room.   The electric actuator is installed in the valve to control theh flow and airflow in the whole pipelline system.

FLOWINN electric actuators can provide automatic interfaces to adapt to various power plant control systems.  Our products have been widely applied to the industry, and shown excellent stability and applicability in the process of engineering use. 

General Construction

​FLOWINN electric actuator are widely used in infrastructure projects, including building heating and ventilation, food processing, chemical pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding, iron and steel metallurgy, paper making, cement, mining and textile dyeing industries.